Svartidaudi Svartidaudi
Brutal Assault 2014 Brutal Assault 2014
Carnifex Carnifex
Demonic Resurrection Demonic Resurrection
Trap Trap
Rosetta Rosetta
God Dethroned God Dethroned
Antropomorphia Antropomorphia
Cradle Of Filth Cradle Of Filth
Sepultura Sepultura
Mayhem Mayhem
Kreator Kreator
Carach Angren Carach Angren
Sarke Sarke
At The Gates At The Gates
Marduk Marduk
Asphyx Asphyx
Cryptopsy Cryptopsy
Nuclear Assault Nuclear Assault
Cannibal Corpse Cannibal Corpse
Gutslit Gutslit
Hed PE Hed PE
Phurpa Phurpa
Killing Joke Killing Joke
Walls of Jericho Walls of Jericho
Wisdom In Chains Wisdom In Chains
Brutal Assault 2014 Brutal Assault 2014
Skalmold Skalmold
Kataklysm Kataklysm
Evergreen Terrace Evergreen Terrace
Ramming Speed Ramming Speed
Touche Amore Touche Amore
Dodheimsgard Dodheimsgard
Amenra Amenra
Blood Eagle Blood Eagle
Biohazard Biohazard
Ring Of Saturn Ring Of Saturn
Decapitated Decapitated
Brutal Assault 2014 Brutal Assault 2014
Soulfly Soulfly
Brutal Assault 2014 Brutal Assault 2014
Candlemass Candlemass
Benighted Benighted
Ill Niño Ill Niño
Napalm Death Napalm Death
Sikth Sikth
Blood Red Throne Blood Red Throne
Ne Obliviscaris Ne Obliviscaris
Suicide Silence Suicide Silence
The Dillinger Escape Plan The Dillinger Escape Plan
Einherjer Einherjer
Anaal Nathrakh Anaal Nathrakh
Arcturus Arcturus
Emmure Emmure
Cattle Decapitation Cattle Decapitation
Winterfylleth Winterfylleth
Ad Nauseam Ad Nauseam
Enslaved Enslaved
Atari Teenage Riot Atari Teenage Riot
Defeated Sanity Defeated Sanity
Brutal Assault 2014 Brutal Assault 2014
Nervosa Nervosa
Brutal Assault 2014 Brutal Assault 2014
Excrementory Grindfuckers Excrementory Grindfuckers
Nuclear Nuclear
Agalloch Agalloch
The Haunted The Haunted
Lantlos Lantlos
Krisiun Krisiun
Vildhjarta Vildhjarta
Primordial Primordial
Annihilator Annihilator
Sunn O))) Sunn O)))
Skepticism Skepticism
Brutal Assault 2014 Brutal Assault 2014
Godflesh Godflesh
Toxic Holocaust Toxic Holocaust
Trypticon Trypticon
Sólstafir Sólstafir
Brujeria Brujeria

Latest news

New hotel facility published 1 week, 2 days ago

Since we're running fast out of our hotel capacity for this year we managed to add a third facility to our service. This option is more expensive than our regular packages in the two other hotels but there was now other way to expand our capacity and to satisfy the demand. The new hotel is called NOVÁ AMERIKA and includes our usual services including a shuttle bus from the hotel to the festival ground. For those who will arrive to the festival by train or bus there will be a special shuttle from the station to the hotel and back to the station from the hotel on Sunday. See what hotel Nova Amerika can offer in here.

New bands with SOULFLY and Cult of Fire published 2 weeks ago

Max Cavalera recently put out his autobiography, so there's no need to tell the story of his departure from Sepultura and forming SOULFLY here. What is important however, is the fact that we have both SEPULTURA and SOULFLY on the bill.We're also proud to announce that elusive black metal cult known as CULT OF FIRE will play our fest once again! We remain the one and only open air fest they ever agreed to play and we will make this a very special show, stay tuned for more. From Israel or Netherlands more precisely we will have MELECHESH playing their middle east influenced black metal. From Melbourne, Australia NE OBLIVISCARIS will bring their own way of mixing progressive with classic and melodic with extreme metal. For the fans who like to discover new things we confirm shamanic music ritual of Bön tradition as performed by PHURPA, group of Russian artists focusing on ancient tibetian traditions. Finally, the bands MAXIMUM PENALTY and WISDOM IN CHAINS will represent american hardcore scene. We're now updating all the bands' profiles at our homepage, so take a look!

WEBSHOP TICKETS ISSUES published 1 month ago

Your interest in last minute reduced price tickets overflooded our system and the system has produced a lot of mistakes. We're now working on the orders from last three days - going one by one and checking them manually. If you still don't have Your ticket please wait till Monday noon, by that time all pending orders will be resolved. Sorry for inconvenience.

New confirmed bands with Mayhem and DHG published 1 month ago

We bring You new confirmed bands led by cult black metal act MAYHEM. MAYHEM of corpse need no introduction, especially not at our fest, where they already had showed what they later confirmed with Esoteric Warfare, that they finally found tight line-up, which delivers great performance on stage and in studio as well. However the no-introduction-needed status may not be the case with Italian quartet AD NAUSEAM. AD NAUSEAM deliver extreme state-of-art death metal with no artistic compromises. Their music is still yet to be discovered by all the technical / avantgarde death metal maniacs but be sure this will rip Your head off, especially if you dig Gorguts' avant-garde songwriting and the complexity of Ulcerate. Check their debut album here. Next news on the bill are ARCTURUS, the famed all-stars bedlam of Norway! And yet again from the other side of the musical spectre german digital hardcore ATARI TEENAGE RIOT will cause mayhem at our fest. Two more bands from Norway are part of this batch, one of them being renowned death metal instution BLOOD RED THRONE and the other the mighty and untamed DØDHEIMSGARD, who recently released follow up to their aclaimed album Supervillain Outcast under the name A Umbra Omega. HED PE from California will bring their unique mixture of punk rock, metal and rap, while the mysterious half man, half synthesizer PERTURBATOR will hunt down humans with his dark retrofuturistic synths terror. The latest addition to our bill is french bizzare metal act SEBKHA-CHOTT.


Dear fans,
You have the last chance to pick the reduced pre-sale price 4-day festival passes for 69€. This edition of tickets is available only until April 30th 2015! Past this date the regular price festival pass will be available only. The regular price festival 4-day pass will cost 74€. The tickets are available in our new e-shop here. And by the way, we're announcing new batch of confirmed bands tomorrow, so beware! ;-) To get the most up-to-day info and to keep in touch with us, you can use our official facebook.

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Ne Obliviscaris[Au]

Ne Obliviscaris

Genre: extreme progressive metal



Genre: ritual music of Bon tradition

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Maximum Penalty

Genre: NY/HC

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