Brutal Assault 2014 Brutal Assault 2014
Kataklysm Kataklysm
Brutal Assault 2014 Brutal Assault 2014
Agalloch Agalloch
Krisiun Krisiun
Brutal Assault 2014 Brutal Assault 2014
Benighted Benighted
Kreator Kreator
Nuclear Assault Nuclear Assault
Cradle Of Filth Cradle Of Filth
Decapitated Decapitated
Brutal Assault 2014 Brutal Assault 2014
Brutal Assault 2014 Brutal Assault 2014
Brutal Assault 2014 Brutal Assault 2014
Brutal Assault 2014 Brutal Assault 2014
Winterfylleth Winterfylleth

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Time for feedback published 4 days, 6 hours ago

Your feedback is very important to us! We are really happy to see numbers of completed survey notes rising every year. We are glad that the grades we are receiving from You for the organization, festival area or refreshments is getting better every year! We can promise You that will continue to push our festival further this year as well!

Find the names of the winners from our festival survey hereinafter. We'll contact the winners via email.

1. Lucie Janovská
Free entrance for Obscure promotion shows till the end of 2014, Brutal Assault 2015 free entrance

2. Patrik Curček
Brutal Assault 2015 free entrance, 3 CDs from Shindy productions

3. Vítězslav Martinák
Brutal Assault 2015 free entrance

The prize for 4. - 15. place is 2011 official Brutal Assault DVD.

4. Ladislava Laušmanová
5. Lubor Kulička
6. Luděk Štěpánek
7. Ivona Horáková
8. Rudolf Strhak
9. Hubert Kazmierski
10. Aleš Donát
11. Kornel Chovanec
12. Gergely Nagy
13. Sabina Dluska
14. Janesz Podolski
15. Ondřej Maršík

Brutal Assault 2015 announces first confirmed bands and ticket sales published 1 week, 6 days ago

20th volume of the Brutal Assault Festival which will be held from August 5th to 8th, 2015 announces first confirmed bands.
Among the first acts confirmed for next year are American atmospheric band AGALLOCH, French death metal duo BE’LAKOR and BENIGHTED, legendary British black/gothic band CRADLE OF FILTH, Polish and Greek death metallers DECAPITATED and DEAD CONGREGATION, German grinders EXCREMENTORY GRINDFUCKERS, Canadian hyperblast representative KATAKLYSM, German thrashmetal icon KREATOR, Brazilian death metal band KRISIUN, NY based thrashers NUCLEAR ASSAULT, black/thrash Norwegian band SARKE, legendary metallers SEPULTURA and British black metal band WINTERFYLLETH.

From now you can also buy BA2015 tickets or make reservations online. Tickets are available at 69 EUR if you pay credit card (Preferred!) or 73 Eur (including charges) if you pay by Paypal. More information in „Tickets“ section.

Lost and found published 2 months, 1 week ago

Hereinafter is the list of festival lost and found. If your belongings are on the list please contact us at
Please note: the list is final, we don't stock any unlisted stuff.

several mobile phones [picture]
two watches
HP photosmart digital camera
wallet with ID on Premyslaw Pakos
wallet with ID on Adam Sibera
passport of Konrad Kasperowski
credit card on Lukasz Winkler
ID of Simon Yerly
ID and other cards of Francesco Trozzi
green travel vanity bag full of medicaments

Thanx to fans! published 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the great 19th edition. We do appriciate your goodwill and see you in 2015 on 20th anniversary edition.

Line-up updates published 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Carnival In Coal will be performing twice. On Friday 16:50 @ Jagermeister stage and on Saturday 20:50 @ Metalgate Stage as announced.

Heaving Earth will be playing sooner - new slot is Thursday 01:35 @ MetalGate stage.

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Cradle Of Filth[UK]

Cradle Of Filth

Genre: sympho black



Genre: death metal



Genre: thrashcore

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