Welcome to our official Ticket Exchange!

We have come up with the idea behind this platform after selling out the festival and observing the market boom of resold, often fraudulent tickets from risky sources. To solve this issue we’ve launched this official fan-to-fan ticket exchange where you can resell or buy verified e-tickets bought in our e-shop for the festival, the natural stand, VIP lounges, and parking.

The Exchange does not allow to offer paper tickets (neither from our e-shop, nor from other presale partners), campsite tickets, accommodation and Junior passes.

Currently it is not possible to offer tickets that have been bought on this platform, however, we are working on adding this feature.

Note! Requesting a refund for tickets bought on the ticket exchange is not possible!

Before using the platform, please read the following tips with all the necessary information.

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Tickets exchange
Product Price Created  
BA 2022 festival pass 125.00 25.04.2021 Detail
BA 2022 festival pass 132.00 23.04.2021 Detail
BA 2022 festival pass 132.00 23.04.2021 Detail
BA 2022 festival pass 195.00 15.04.2021 Detail
BA 2022 Jägermeister VIP lounge 90.00 15.04.2021 Detail
BA 2022 festival pass 198.00 15.04.2021 Detail