First time at BA

Country: Sweden

HUMANITY'S LAST BREATH is the band of drummer Vildhjart Buster Odeholm, but he's holding the guitar. But the band, formed in 2009, offers no consolation. The progressive blackened deathcore/methall with the brutal sound from the previous album "Abyssal" is retained, but the music on the new album "Välde" is much more experimental. Especially in form. It sounds as if Picasso and Dali loved Monet and were not painters but producers. In fact, there is no song on "Välde" that is a composition. It's impressionistic paintings with a cubist eye and decadent arrangements. Deconstructed.
HUMANITY'S LAST BREATH don't stick to any established form in metal on "Välde", rather they sketch out for you to complete the final picture yourself. It offers room for your own imagination. "Välde" is the building of a dark deathcore wall, "Välde" is a set of mathematical experiments to tear it down in the process. "Välde" is a progressive search for compromises, "Välde" is a ruthless djenctum that compromises will not be tolerated.
Groove, atmosphere and surprise, dehumanization, coldness and controlled chaos. A soundtrack of all that is evil giving hope that through pain and suffering we will come to purification and salvation. Read the holy scripture "Välde"!
This show os gonna be a disaster!