Country: Ukraine

JINJER are undoubtedly one of the most interesting bands in contemporary modern metal in recent years thanks to their tireless work, continuous touring and critically acclaimed recordings.
Even if the phrase "look for a woman behind everything" offers itself, because they are led by the "angel with the devil in her body" Tatiana Shmayluk, success does not come alone. The band practically spends all their time on stage, so it's a wonder that they can push themselves musically and evolve, as evidenced by their new album "Wallflowers".
It proves that JINJER are not a sudden flash in the pan building on their femme fatale, but that there are talented and creative musicians behind the band. In "Wallflowers" they have created a much more serious album with more polished songs, giving their progressive groove metal a darker undertone and more depth, as it also reflects the agonizing state of today's world. Alongside the heavy passages are interesting and unusual melodies and nestled amongst these heavy grooves and rhythmic finesse are catchy, emotional vocals that will get stuck in your head.
JINJER are simply a thoughtful and seductive blast that is one of the most speaking to the young metal generation.