Country: Norway

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VED BUENS ENDE was a Norwegian avant-garde metal band. Their sound is diverse with quiet instrumental jazz influenced sections and aggressive black metal blast beats and vocals. Ved Buens Ende means "By the end of the bow" referring to the mythological rainbow Bifröst. VED BUENS ENDE was formed in Oslo in 1994 by the drummer Carl-Michael Eide. They were signed to the British label Misanthropy Records.

The band was unique by their mixture of many musical elements and Eide's crooning. Also, Eide's drumming was unusual in style, with very little repetition and a tendency to shy away from traditional drumming. For example, many of the blast beats on Written in Waters feature a highly active and non-repetitive left hand, which becomes a separate voice from the foot and right hand, often playing in a different meter than the other two. The band split up in 1997, after releasing only one full-length album Written in Waters. The album is unique and unusual. It incorporates many elements from various music forms, from usual Norwegian Black Metal (like at the end of "Coiled in Wings") to jazz-inspired and dissonant riffs or folk-ish elements. Vocals on this album are mournful and sad by Carl-Michael Eide's crooning (accompanied by Kristine Stensrud) which makes a part of the album's uniqueness. As usual Eide's lyrics are rather unconventional and apparently deal with fantasy and dream.

VBE will only do 4 shows in 2019 so do not miss this opportunity to see these pioneers of true avant-garde metal live!