Bands update #11 - March 2020


The origin of the Norwegian avant-garde black metal band SLAGMAUR dates back to 1997. Slagmaur's music is like a soundtrack to hell with industrial rhythms, creating a depressing atmosphere of horror fuelled with mechanic and manic riffs. From the more prolonged demonic pace of the music are bursting twisted melodies and a schizoid madness underlined by their bizarre horror stage presentation. It's become quite hard to shock in black metal today, but that's not Slagmaur's case!

The second band are London's VOICES, formed by ex-members of Ackercocke following their break-up in 2011. Despite clear musical parallels with Akercocke's avant-garde tunes, VOICES managed to create a unique identity of their own. The progressive and unconventional mix of black and death metal exposes its listeners to extreme, dissonant, and evocative horizons. Voices' music is heavily influenced by movies and, despite its extremity, brings about a challenging experience.

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