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Country: United Kingdom

VOICES is a black metal band from London founded in 2011 formed by former members of Akercocke, the band has described itself as seeking to produce "extreme and challenging music".

VOICES was formed by David Gray, Sam Loynes, and Peter Benjamin following the break-up of Akercocke. In 2012, Voices signed with Candlelight Records who released their three albums, which are heavily influenced by movies.
Vocalist Peter Benjamin has said that Voices is philosophically distinguished from Akercocke. "Akercocke was more focused on the imagery and ideals of Satanism. For us, it would be boring to go where Akercocke and many other black metal bands have been. We believe that it's time to do something different, so we have taken on our urban surroundings and all that happens within as our influence." Sam Loynes confirmed Benjamin's perspective, noting that "The themes in Voices do not relate to any religious ideology. We are interested in trying to decipher the world that surrounds us. The music forms an impression of our misgivings relating to the distaste we have for this world. Yet, it is still a mystery to us."
Voices describes its live performances as "exhibitions." Peter Benjamin explained that "it’s not really a gig, it’s a display of beauty and awfulness. It’s like art, we’re not just a band blasting it out, we’re displaying it." In 2015, Voices was joined by Nick Barker on drums for its tour of the United Kingdom in support of Winterfylleth. Barker filled in due to permanent drummer David Gray's previous work commitments.