Bands update #10 - March 2020


Here we go with two more names on the bill!

There is no need to introduce the Norwegian prog pioneers LEPROUS, who have been championing the genre with unrelenting activity over the last decade. Brutal Assault has already seen this great live band in the flesh and their brilliant new album „Pitfalls“ is a good reason not to let them slip by. These amazing Norwegians are a truly peculiar live act that you simply can't mistake or substitute.

Many doom bands nowadays consist of so many members that it's hard to keep track of them all. But there are also those who can bring out gut wrenching ballads in two. And that is the case with sludgy funeral-ish doom masters BELL WITCH. The last, one-piece and 83 minutes long album „Mirror Reaper“ attests to that and whatever is the band gonna bring out. However for this BA, the band brings something even more special - a collaboration-set with the acoustic project AERIAL RUIN!

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