BRUTAL ASSAULT Stanger's Candy chilli sauce

Like a sweet treat given with a devious smile, Stranger's Candy is a blueberry and lavender sauce packing surprising heat. Put it on ice cream and experience a wild sensory rollercoaster. Ice and fire intertwine like duelling guitars of our favorite mathcore legends tDEP. Soothing chimes followed by piercing tritones, a tender caress followed by a passionate bite in your tongue. „The Stranger's Candy takes you where you ought to be!“

Ingredients: blueberries, lime juice, water, maple syrup, naga jolokia and carolina reaper peppers, arrowroot, levander, preservative (potassium sorbate)

1 glass bottle, sealed, 180ml

Crafted by HazMat Foods lab

Best before the end of November 2022 however it will be good for much longer if stored properly. We guarantee it will be gone very quickly when you open it...

€ 13.99