Country: Norway

There is no need to introduce the Norwegian prog pioneers LEPROUS, who have been championing the genre with unrelenting activity over the last decade. Brutal Assault has already seen this great live band in the flesh and their brilliant new album „Pitfalls“ is a good reason not to let them slip by. These amazing Norwegians are a truly peculiar live act that you simply can't mistake or substitute.
In a scene where it's rare to stand out and make something truly unique, sometimes a diamond shines. The latest diamond to shine on the international prog-scene is the Norwegian band LEPROUS.

After paving the way with studio albums “Tall Poppy Syndrome”, “Bilateral”, “Coal”, "Malina“, “The Congregation“.
LEPROUS’ latest musical endeavours on “Pitfalls“ - the title of the new album - marvelously emphasize the amount of maturity the band has gained, also thanks to relentless touring activity across several continents in the lasty years. The attention that LEPROUS grip pinpoints the very unique spot in a variety of progressive music nowadays...
Their last album created a strong platform for LEPROUS, be it towards the press, the fans or live promoters, and showed an immense step upwards for the band on various levels. It virtaully seemed as if everyone woke up to smell the coffee when the “Coal” album was released. And as everyone knows, coal turns to diamonds in time...
Having steam-rolled all over Europe on a massive headlining tours, and also playing numerous European and US festival shows, LEPROUS paved the way for a die-hard fan base, that couldn't wait for more, new material. LEPROUS kept the fans eagerly waiting, spending two years writing what is to be their 6th and absolute finest work to date, while continuing playing shows on tours through every continent.
The newest album on InsideOutMusic is expressive, dark and catchy, also very intimate, dreamy and emotional, in a way that crawls under skin and overcomes all the senses, so that I most certainly has to be a magnificent dessert for open-minded progressive music lovers. Deep lyrics that shade serious matters of a modern life are masterly threaded into sharp, clear and tremendous musical arrangements. Developed and advanced in comparison to any of the band’s previous releases, “Pitfalls” still keeps the authentic identity and recognizability. Moments when LEPROUS surprise, experiment and freely explore within their music are the ones that build their strength, fuel their power and make them so special. They band never had any tendencies of imitating other artists, and more importantly, their latest release shows the courageous act and art of not even copying themselves. “Pitfalls” has given a fresh, innovative and new tone to the musical sphere of LEPROUS.