Country: Norway

The pioneers of the Norwegian prog LEPROUS need no introduction for their unceasing activity over the last decade. The band who revels in touring has already visited Brutal Assault and with their new album "Aphelion" we can't let them slip by, for these Norwegians are a peculiar bunch and unwaveringly one of the best live acts and above all, not to be confused with anyone.

LEPROUS started out as Ihsahn's (Emperor) live band when creating their own music, however the main writer, singer and keyboardist Einar Solberg is Ihsahn's brother-in-law. Today, however, the band itself stands firmly on its own feet and consistently storms not only European stages. Their originally slightly avant-garde prog metal has now found its characteristic methods and expression, as well as its own structure. Not to mention the precise instrumentation.
Today's LEPROUS tracks are always characterized by a pivotal riff built on a dense, undertuned sound. It doesn't matter whether it's based on a gentle melody close to post-rock, scented with jazz, or a relentless chopped groove. The ensuing melodies always bloom, engaging stimulating synths, all of which brings with it an almost intoxicating hypnoticism, accompanied by Einar's supremely charismatic vocals. The always compact sound works incredibly well, because LEPROUS are able to sound strongly intellectual despite a bit of radio chanting.
New "Aphelion" goes even further, with the quintet's emotional presentation both mysterious and eerie, yet more intimate and intimate than ever.