The Keep - Ambient Lodge aka K.A.L. stage lineup


Two the biggest names of our experimental club stage belong to Justin Broadrick (of Godflesh fame etc.) with his solo project Final and to the legendary East cost label Hospital Productions head Dominick Fernow aka Prurient. Other acts you can look forward to include obscure French dark ambient Sorch’enn and it‘s drone incarnation DIAHOD.

Polish experimenters Jude will present more guitar-centred take on industrial, while one half of Haiku Funeral will return to blaspheme the sacraments with the ritual ambient entity Antelogos. Maria Jiku is a Germany-based performer that will combine charismatic lascivious show with harsh electronics while Polish power electronic duo Sznur will simply attack your senses.

The local scene will be represented by industrial power electronics Teorema and rock-laden psychonauts Olaf Olafsonn and the Big Bad Trip. There are also gonna be hardcore/tekk/breakcore after parties every night and we also might have a couple more little surprises ready for KAL, so watch out!

The inquiring fan will notice that by adding 10 more bands we've even exceeded the announced number of 130 artists, so you could say the lineup is literally bursting at the seams.

PS: For curious listeners there is a link for a radio show (in czech language - with audio samples) where lineup for K.A.L. stage was revealed.