Refunds have started!


Do you have money left on your wristband? You can now request a refund using the link below via a simple refund form for our new cashless system - Flyn.
There is no charge for requesting a refund and your balance can be split if you'd wish to donate even just a portion of what's left to a good cause and support a meaningful project: support Brutal Assault, Ravelin No. XIV - Fortress preservation (, Krtek - Children's Oncology Foundation (, or the non-profit organization Sea Shepherd (
Any residual amounts that will not have been requested will go to the Brutal Assault budget that funds projects such as Brutal Forest and "BA sobě" taking care and developing the festival grounds for you. You can request the refund up until midnight on 17 September 2021.

How to get a refund for my unspent credit?
- Open the link and fill in the longer number on the back of your chip
- Fill in all the details on the refund form and submit it
- We will refund your money within 14 days of sending your request
- Make sure you enter your details correctly, if you have any problems with your refund contact the customer support at

If you decide to donate your credit, or even a part of it, to any projects above - THANK YOU! Your money will support a good cause and we more than appreciate it!