New video 2019 - CYTOTOXIN


It was last year that CYTOTOXIN released the excellent „Nuklearth“ record. However, this show from 2019 is all about their previous two albums, which are not a single radiation less intense, quite the contrary! The songs from „Gammageddon“ and „Radiophobia“, which seem to be written with a pen of speed Gods Origin, raise the levels of gamma radiation to life-threatening thresholds, where the crowds sniffing uranium are hauled into a crazy circle pit. As is expected from Pripyat radio-activists, they get on the stage wearing gas masks, the growling machine Grimo blows some poisonous smoke and the entertaining and uncompromising show of the greatly played Chernobyl death metal might begin!

You have asked for CYTOTOXIN a lot, so as Grimo says: „Ladies and gentlemen, let’s go!“