De Mysteriis Dom Josefov


Let´s uncover the secret of historic Josefov – take a walk around its 15 charming quier corners incl. Brutal Assault backstage.

Nothing is as usual this year due to well-known circumstances. Neither Brutal Assault. It’s a unique edition. By far not about only music more than ever this time, for instance. We call it JOSEFOFF this year, that alone indicates our aim to have a larger picture than to be squeezed only in between fortress walls. Given a lighter musical lineup we were offered a chance to introduce you the location you have been travelling to every year in a new context. The 18th-century historical army fortress is for us, organizers, not only a scene, where to place a festival. We have been reconstructing it for many years after all.
Even you are well aware, that this location has a unique spirit. Soul. Let’s have a closer look at it this time! Take an esplanade roundtrip, which winds all over the entire fortress complex, slide down to its dark corridors or take a chance to visit festival backstage, otherwise dominated by interprets alone. Uncover an object’s history for example through a field hospital or go even further and absorb genius loci by visiting a blacksmith’s workshop or try your luck at archery.
With a special ticket at cost of 8 euros you can buy through e-shop or right on site, you will be enabled to visit various local museums, thematically ranging from military to tractors or prehistoric stones´ collection. Let’s get a deeper understanding of the essence of a place, that you have fallen into love with over the years, and explore details, that were maybe unknown to you until now. And at the same time play a game: collect stamps on your ticket for every location visited and prove your knowledge about the festival in a final quiz. Its winner will leave the stage with a ticket for next year!