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Let's open this update with the youngest band on the list - ALIEN WEAPONRY from New Zealand. Despite their lack of experience, these youngsters belong among the most interesting thrashing acts of the current metal scene. Now let's stay within the genre but bring a heavy dose of nostalgia, since the metal congregations will gather again to bow to a heavy metal institution build many, many years ago on a distant shore… METAL CHURCH!

The British trio TOSKA will immerse the Josefov fortress in its innovative approach and progressive melodies of their latest album Fire By The Silos. And while staying on the islands, are you ready for some dope-smoking sabbathian heavy doom? Because English horrornauts ELECTRIC WIZARD are gonna bring it no matter what! It's gonna be heavy and hazy and filthy and psychedelic in a way unmatched by any other band on the planet. And speaking of stage shrouded in a haze, the warm opium smoke will be replaced by cold Norwegian fog making your bones TAAKE takes over Brutal Assault! ABORTED from Belgium are gonna give one of their energic lectures on skull-crushing brutality with their latest death metal output TerrorVision! Final surgical instrument in this batch is also made of British steel, because the legendary CARCASS are playing our festival again!