JOSEFOFF – Brutal party and de mysteriis dom Josefov


We are all well aware of the fact that Brutal Assault had to move to 2021. However, we simply could not accept a pause so long. And that is why we are coming up with a metal happening nowhere other than the Josefov Fortress.

The main idea behind Josefoff is to introduce you to various interesting cultural places in Josefov while also letting you take a look behind the curtain of Brutal, where we will not only show you the festival background, but will also give you a behind-the-scenes look at different festival activities.

For this two-day happening with limited capacity, tick the dates of 7 - 8 August 2020 in your calendars. With an afternoon start of the program we will march through Josefov and around six bands will play in the Fortress in the evening. Josefoff's headliners are Vader and Belphegor - we will introduce the rest of the line-up as soon as possible.

Pre-sale starts next week. Follow our sites.