New video 2019 - SACRED REICH


They were never a part of the 'big four', however, in the history of thrash they meant a damn lot. Crowds of fans, regardless of age, had prayed to revive one of the most distinctive thrash bands - Arizona's SACRED REICH - which was verified by your large numbers at their performance last year.

They have never done overcomplicated songs and even in the new „The Awakening“, which has brought them back to the scene after 23 years, they sympathetically stick to the straightforwardness, that besides sharp riffs, mid-tempo, and Phil's more melodic vocals, makes use of selfless hardcore-punk approach and a bit of Southern feeling.

They have never got out of the path, never pushed themselves anywhere. And since the new release came out after the amazing show at our festival, it is necessary to invite this quartet with the returnee Dave McClain (ex-Machine Head) behind the kit to our stages once again - they will not only bring the classics from the 90' but new stuff as well!