Brutal Forest - Trees for Earth


As we have already informed, this year we are launching a new project called Brutal Forest, which aims to contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of the festival. We're excited to introduce our partner we will work with on this project.

Brutal Forest will take shape in cooperation with LESY ČR and their project of new generation forests. Within it, mixed coniferous forests are planted in our territory, which are significantly more resistant to bark beetle calamity currently decimating Czech woodlands. The actual Brutal forest, or its first patch rather, will be located near Josefov. And our fans will get the chance to participate in its planting!

Due to the local conditions, we have set the date of the planting to autumn based on the advise of the experts from Lesy CR, since the autumn offers the most favorable conditions regarding precipitation and humidity thus providing the trees the best chance of survival. In other places throughout the Czech Republic, however, the planting may take place earlier, and if you are interested in the reforestation of the Czech landscape, you can find dates and places where you can also help to plant trees independently of us in this app: Thank you.

For us, investing in Brutal Forest is first and foremost signing up for the responsibility we feel for this planet and the life on it. The more considerate we treat the environment, the better not only for the planet, but ultimately for us.