REFUNDS - updated version


As we have already informed you, the refund period has started on Monday. If you have unspent credit of 100CZK or more on your chip, you can have it refunded with a 50CZK (equivalent to 2€) fee as you are used to from previous years, having your remaining balance sent to your bank account.

Now we have an update for You, based on Your feedback we asked the system supplier - the Intellitix company (thanks) for a technical way to allow transactions under 100CZK of the remaining balance and they've been so kind to quickly add this feature. Funds under 100CZK still cannot be refunded to Your bank account due to fee issues BUT you can choose from the following options for any amount above 1CZK of remaining balance:
- you can also transform your credit into a voucher sent to your e-mail, eligible for purchasing of goods or tickets in our e-shop (no fees)

or use the remaining credit for a good cause and donate (no fees) it to one of three charity organizations:
- "our/yours" fortress Josefov guardians association, without which would Brutal Assault no longer be the festival where you like to return every year (
- Krtek Children's Oncology Endowment Fund and support ill children (
- Sea Shepherd Foundation, which, among other things, seeks to improve the regulation of fishing (

Choose yourselves what to do with your remaining balance. The deadline to apply for a manual refund is 15. 9. 2019.
Online credit card top-ups are refunded automatically.