We hope you enjoyed this year's Brutal Assault to the max and hope that our cashless system helped to make an easygoing experience. If you have unspent credit of 100 CZK or more on your chip, you can have it refunded with a 50 CZK (equivalent to 2€) fee as you are used to from previous years, having your remaining balance sent to your bank account. However we have two new options for your remaining balance this year:
- you can also transform your credit into a voucher sent to your e-mail, eligible for purchasing of goods or tickets in our e-shop (including the service fee)
- or use the remaining credit for a good cause and donate it (again including the service fee) to one of three charity organizations:
> Krtek Children's Oncology Endowment Fund and support ill children
> local fortress volunteer corps and support a dedicated team of people looking after the fortress
> Sea Shepherd Foundation, which, among other things, seeks to improve the regulation of fishing

The deadline to apply for a manual refund is 15. 9. 2019. Upon verification of your Manual Refund Form, the refund will be processed within 10 business days after the deadline of application.

The Endowment Fund of Pediatric Oncology KRTEK has been supporting the work of doctors and healthcare professionals at the Clinic of Pediatric Oncology of the University Hospital Brno since 1999. Its main priority is to improve the quality and comfort of children staying in the hospital, they look after them during the whole treatment and their help the kids in coping with the consequences of their illness. KRTEK provides equipment to the Department of Pediatric Oncology, contributes to research, helps to educate the doctors and medical staff. KRTEK also funds projects aimed at targeted assistance to individual hospitalized children, as well as to children who have already finished the treatment itself and are coping with its consequences. See more details at

The Ravelin No. XIV society was funded founded in 1989, and has been dedicated to restoring of the fortress ever since. Josefov Fortress and especially the fortification system itself is a historical landmark referring to the art of war of the late 18th century. Today it has practically no other use outside of cultural-historical legacy, education and documenting history. The maintenance of defensive elements ceased in 1888 and many of the components were demolished. The society has rented the whole area from the municipality of Jaroměř and puts thousands of man-hours of restoration works in on a voluntary basis while following the historical plans. The society uses their experience and knowledge to help a sensitive restoration of other monuments, such as the walls at Vyšehrad in Prague. See more details at

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS, or Sea Shepherd) is a nonprofit NGO dedicated to the protection of the seas and oceans and has been in operation since 1977. It uses vigorous direct action methods to protect the marine life. Currently, the SSCS priorities are conservation programs for cetaceans, seals and sharks. The organization was founded by Paul Watson. See more details at