This year’s Brutal Assault will be using RFID-enabled wristbands with chips and cashless payment technology to enhance your festival-going experience and provide us with data, that will help us optimize the festival organization. Please bear in mind Brutal Assault is completely cashless so it's vital that You read carefully the information below, especially the Terms and Conditions and the FAQ document at the bottom of this page.


Swap your ticket for the wristband at the booth next to the festival entrance. The wristband will bear RFID chip. Checking-in by scanning the chip at the entrance of the festival allows You the entry, also checking-out the same way while You exiting the festival area is mandatory. There will be security assisting You with both check-in and check-out and also everyday at 6AM the system will be re-set and all the visitors will be marked as "checked-out". If You're gonna manage to leave the area without checking out during the day, You'll have to consult our Customer service located at the main entrance.



Your personalized festival wristband is not only Your ticket to get into Brutal Assault festival area, but will also be used as your digital wallet to make purchases at the festival – all with a simple tap of your wristband. You can preload credit (coupons) to the chip, which can be then used to pay for drinks, food and other items in the festival area. You can do so at the Top Up booths on site or online from Your home. Just to be sure, write down both codes, that can be found on the back side of the chip upon. These can be used for the online registration, which allows you to preload your credit online.

This means you don’t have to worry about walking around the festival with your wallet or fumbling for change; instead, enjoy fast, convenient and secure transactions at all food vendors, beer gardens, and merchandise tents on-site using your high-tech, RFID-enabled wristband. The only sites accepting cash are metal market and cigarettes, everything else is cashless only.

Cashless is the only method of payment accepted on-site using Festival Coupons as the official currency of Brutal Assault (32 CZK = 1 Festival Coupon). Register your ticket online and ‘top-up’ by loading pre-paid Festival Credits into your cashless account before you arrive – this will save you loads of time at the event, so you can go straight to partying at Brutal Assault!

You can also add more funds to your account at on site Top-up Stations located in the festival area. Once your account is topped-up, you’re ready to make purchases on-site by simply tapping your wristband to one of the payment points at the vendor stands. The amount will automatically be deducted from your account – it’s quick and easy!


It is possible to have one account and up to four tickets/wristbands assigned to it.
It works this way, all the tickets registered under one account are using the same topped up amount, You cannot assign a certain sum to one or the another wristband. However You can see in the online account which of the wristbands did what transactions, so in the end You'll see how much each of You spent.

Wristband Instruction Video

Check out the Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy.
The registration is currently available for tickets bought thru our eshop only, not for reservations.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

You sure have a lots of questions. Most of them are answered in this FAQ document.
Our official cashless troubleshooting contact is listed in the FAQ document.
Should You have any problems with Your wristband, just visit our Customer service booth.

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