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- In case of undelivered wristbands from the FULFILLMENT service please follow these instructions.
- When entering barcodes of your tickets in the Intellipay system, make sure to enter them WITHOUT spaces between numbers.
Accounts from previous years were deactived, you need to set-up a new account for BA 2018.


This year we are again gonna use cashless technology of RFID wristbands that eases up the festival experience for you and provides us with valuable data that help us improve the festival. Since Brutal Assault is a completely cashless event, please pay attention to these information. Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions and the FAQ document in lower part of this page.


Your ticket will be exchanged for a wristband at the main entrance (SWAP) and each wristband carries an RFID chip. Those of you who used the FULFILLMENT service, will aready have their wristbands ready from your home. You need to check in with your chip upon entering the festival area and you should also check out when leaving. Both checking in and checking out will be assisted by the security service but should you manage to leave the area without checking out, the system will be reset every day at 6 in the morning. Eventual problems will be dealt with by our Customer care service assitants stationed in front of the main entrance to the festival area.


Your wristband is not only your ticket that permitts the entrance to the festival area, but also serves as your digital wallet, that buys you goods and services on the festival by simple tapping on a payment terminal. The chip on your wristband is loaded with money and you then use those to make all the payments in the festival area. You can load money on your wristband at any TOP UP station in the festival area using cash or credit card and you can also do so online with your credit card. We recommend you note down both codes printed on the underside of your chip. These numbers can be used to register your wristband and after that you can load money straight on your wristband online without waiting in a line at a Top Up station.

That means you no longer have to worry about your wallet during the festival our keep paper coupons in your pockets. You can enjoy the benefits of fast, convenient and safe payments at all vendors including all the food and drink stalls, beer tents, bars, festival merch and also all vendors at the Metal Market.

The cashless RFID chip is the only form of payment accepted on the festival site. The entire festival is cashless. If you register your ticket/wristband (for those using the fullfilment service) you can pre-load funds from the comfort of your home. This will save your a lot of time on site. In case you are not interested in registering your ticket, you can always TOP UP funds to your wristband with cash or credit card on site.

In case you run out of credit, you can easily charge more to your wristband via any TOP UP station distributed around the whole festival area. You can find them on the festival map you will receive when entering the festival area.

BEWARE, accounts from previous years were deactived, you need to set-up a new account for BA 2018.


A shared account is activated when there are multiple tickets registered under one cashless account. Tickets/wristbands registered under shared account spend credit from the common account, you cannot set separate budgets for them. However you'll be able to check the transactions done by particular chips (wristbands) in the online application so you can easily prepare settlement.

Instructional video regarding the wristbands

Please read carefully Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
Ticket registration before the festival is available for the tickets (both online and paper) bought via our eshop, via the Czech brick and mortar stores and via the ticketpro service. The database is updated once a day so it may take up to 24 hours before your freshly bought tickets are available for registration. All wristbands no matter what type of ticket are eligible for registration after you receive them on the festival site.


* Beware, the cashless system page is not optimized for Internet Expolorer, please use Chrome, Firefox or Safari for optimal experience.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

You surely have many questions. Most of them are inswered in this FAQ document dealing with basic questions regarding the system.
Our official contact for questions and problems regarding the cashless system is also listed in the FAQ document.

Should you experience any troubles with your wristband, you can always visit the Customer Service point on the festival ground.

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