Země: Singapore

Get ready for savage punk-fueled grind of the highest calibre from grindcore's hottest property, WORMROT all the way from Singapore! 

Back in 2009, WORMROT's debut album Abuse took some by surprise, not least because it was the first grindcore album released on Earache for some time. All it took was one listen, however, and the reason was clear; here was a band that can comfortably sit alongside the likes of Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Brutal Truth and the rest of the grindcore elite.

Following the departure of founding member Fitri, the latest output Voices introduces brand new member Vijesh on drums, who brings a fresh and fitting sound to one of the most original bands the scene has had perhaps since its inception. Combined with Rasyid's godlike grind riffage and Arif's distinct vocals switching effortlessly between deep guttural growls and rasping screams, the band's third full-length goes far beyond expectations from a band that already can seemingly do no wrong. Abuse and Dirge were both critically acclaimed and have already cemented the band's position as one of the most devastating bands on the planet, but in the words of Earache's founder Digby Pearson, "the sheer unhinged ferocity of the new Wormrot album is some proper next level shit!"