Země: United Kingdom

The dark silhouette of a Creature, poised, crouched on the corner of a cliff's edge, waits eagerly...eyes glare patiently, red eyes, full of fire and torment, gleam with a frenzied brightness across the shadowed valleys below

A crack of thunder breaks the deafening silence which once ruled the plains. The creature is unmoved by the commotion of the noise and the blinding fork of lightning which strikes only a few yards from where it lays - in wait - for something..


Wings spread in a magnificent fullness, the creature stands in full glory, inhaling deeply of the ice cold air, each tendon and muscle ripping in an almighty stance of the great dimensional deity....

We are returning to point where it all started for many of us back in 1982. Building up steam - nuclear screams / warheads are ready to fight! Black leather hounds - faster than sound / metal our purpose in life! You got it right, they are back and you shall lay down your soul to the gods rock'n'roll on the altar of VENOM!