Země: Denmark

Following the massive response from the last summer, the forest fairy MYRKUR returns to our festival to conquer the sceptics yet again! The quick succession also serves as a mean of apology for the unfinished show from 2018 year.
Since inception, MYRKUR has been in a class of her own. The one-woman, classically trained, multi-instrumentalist is known for combining the raw, masculine energy of second-wave black metal, with an ethereal, sophisticated virtue. MYRKUR composes in epic proportions.
Her stunning debut, M, (co-produced by Ulver) won her multiple awards and send waves through steady waters of hard and heavy music. Her music resembles a soundtrack designed to guide the listener through emotional turmoil. One minute the songs are fighting back, the next lulling you to submission. Lyrically, MYRKUR hatches open the folklore of her Nordic heritage, applying the ancient fables to her personal piety. She toys with juxtaposition and finds life between theoretical opposites. Triumphant, powerful and hypnotic, her music is a sonic nightmare that you never want to escape.