† KAL stage - 11 artists †

† KAL stage - 11 artists †



ambient / noise

Arrm (POL), Yhdarl (BEL), Troum (GER), In Slaughter Natives (SWE), Haiku Funeral (FRA), Gnaw Their Tongues (HOL), Human Larvae (GER), Treha Sektori (FRA), Femeheim (GER), Aghiatrias (CZE), Hluková Sekce (CZ/SK) and more.. Last year on Brutal Assault you have maybe encountered a new musical and chill out space near the merchandise area, which we named THE KEEP – AMBIENT LODGE. In this new spot we presented, besides wildly praised couches, sofas and absinthe bar also a specific musical stage, focused on the genres of industrial and dark ambient acts. You positive approach to this scene made us open this stage even this year and invite another acts, disciples of dark electronic music from the various countries of Europe. You will find complete line-up below; however you should definitely not miss the important acts of the genre like In Slaughter Natives, dark ambient legend Troum, black noise masters Gnaw Their Tongues, or sinister Yhdarl having their world premiere. France is sending us a deep ambient prospectors Treha Sektori and more dramatic and experimental fiends Haiku Funeral. More harsh and sinister approach to industrial music is represented by german power electronics Human Larvae and death industrialists Femeheim who are gonna deliver some intensive sonic tremors. Central Europe would be represented by an experimental project Arrm whose leader Artur Ruminski is also a part of the polish black metal phenomena Furia, czech legendary post-industrial apocalyptic project Aghiatrias and czechoslovakian harsh noise gang Hlukova Sekce. RUNNING ORDER: http://brutalassault.cz/en/news/meet-greet-schedule-kal-stage-running-order-and-sunday-shuttles-prague-airport/

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