BRUTAL ASSAULT 2022 festival pass - voucher for disabled

[PRINT@HOME voucher]

Get your voucher as PRINT@HOME voucher. Download your voucher as a PDF file from the ORDERS tab in your user profile. Simply print it out and bring it to the festival.

These are available to all holders of government issued disability ID cards.

To be eligible for the discounted pass, you need to fulfill these conditions:

1. You shall order and pay for this voucher, which will be swapped for a ticket on the festival site at the main entrance at the “disabled or ZTP” window. The voucher itself is not the festival pass and doesn’t entitle the holder to enter the festival – needs to be swapped first.

2. Only legitimate holders of valid government issued disability card are eligible for the discount. Proof of identity will be required and only national identity card, international driving license or passport will be accepted as a proof of identity together with the disability card. No other types of ID than the aforementioned will be accepted!

3. For those heavily disabled who require assistance we offer the discount for their assistant as well. In this case make sure to order 2 vouchers at once and make sure to arrive to the ID check and voucher swap together, otherwise the assistant’s pass won’t be issued. 

4. All the disability card holders will have access to our raised platform on the main festival square across the main stages. The fans in a wheelchair will have a priority; the capacity of the platform is 15-20 wheelchairs.
5. The number of disability-discount festival vouchers is limited and after the available capacity is depleted, we cannot guarantee any additional capacity or availability of said vouchers on site.



€ 68.00