Brutal Assault festival is an anchorage of metal music and associated art with 130 artists, 5 stages, several art galleries and extensive chill-out zone. If you have not been there yet, this festival is just another level of experience in dark art with cherry picked blend of refreshing underground bands and stellar headliners spread across diverse festival area located within 18th century military fortress. Among traditional festival features the festival area also offers luxury sanitary facilities, showers, lockers, permanent horror cinema, underground mazes, huge metal market, art galleries, a lot of sitting spaces within the fortress walls providing shelter from the weather and tons of other attractions. Brutal Assault is mainly about music but in recent years it also started to resemble a food festival with vegan and carnivore and all kinds of ethnic cuisine, supplemented by a wide variety of best Czech beers starting from 1.5 Euro for half a litre (17OZ).

You can learn more about our festival from our press release.

Date and opening hours

Wednesday - Saturday, August 07-10, 2019
Start on Wednesday, Aug 7th 12:30; every other day 10:30 (Warm-up party on Tuesday, August 06 14:00)

Guarded parking will be open on Tuesday, August 6th, from 12:00
The main presale tickets check-in will be open from Tuesday, August 6th, from 12:00 noon and onwards
The main box office (reserved tickets, accreditation, guests) will be open from Tuesday, August 6th, from 12:00 onwards

Festival site

Non-stop WED 10:00 – SUN 04:00 (closed daily between 05:00 and 08:00)
Warm-up party on Tuesday, August 06 14:00 – 00:00

Camping site

Non-stop TUE 12:00 – SUN 11:00

Customer Care - before areal

Non-stop TUE 12:00 – SUN 11:00 (closed daily between 05 AM - 08 AM)

Informations / Customer Care - areal

WED – SAT 10:00 – 22:00

Cups refund

Non-stop WED 10:00 – SUN 04:00

First Aid

Non-stop WED 10:00 – SUN 12:00

TOP-UP by entrance

Non-stop TUE 12:00 – SUN 04:00

TOP-UP areal

Non-stop WED 10:00 – SUN 04:00

TOP-UP camp

Non-stop TUE 12:00 – SUN 11:00


Non-stop WED 10:00 – SUN 04:00

BA merch & bands merch

WED 10:00 – 01:00
THU-SAT 11:00 – 01:00

Horror Cinema

WED 14:00 – 01:00
THU-SAT 09:00 – 01:00

Octagon & Bastion X

WED-SAT 10:00 – 00:00

Underground XIV. - Fear House

WED-SAT 11:00–22:00

Land of Free Tibet

WED-SAT 11:00–22:00

Arcades Game-room

WED-SUN 10:00–02:30


JAROMEŘ - Old Army Fortress JOSEFOV / Czech Republic (130km east of Prague)

Direct address: 5. kvetna street, 551 02 Jaromer-Josefov

GPS location: 50°20'25.54"N; 15°56'7.3"E

Entrance fee

Brutal Assault 2019 is completely SOLD OUT, thank you!

How to get there?

You can also get to the festival by public transport, plan your trip to Jaromer with this planner.
Getting by - you can use festival shuttles or our official taxi partner company


The festival pass includes free camping in the free campsite. For more details see ACCOMODATION.

Payments policy

Brutal Asssault is a completely cashless festival. See CASHLESS section for more details.

Festival area

For details about the festival area see the FESTIVAL AREA section.


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Beware, the shop and the general website are two different sites with a different login. When you need to use the eshop (tickets, fulfillment, order tracking etc), make sure you are logging into

General directions for the festival visitors

1. The festivalgoers have to respect directions of the organizers. A security search will be performed at the entrance gate. The organizers are permitted to do luggage and body searches. The organizers reserve right to deny entrance to any festivalgoer refusing to undergo the security search. Visitors are only permitted to stay on the festival grounds carrying a valid festival pass.

2. Damaged tickets lose their validity. Festival wristbands that are altered or damaged in any way automatically lose their validity and will not be replaced under any circumstances.

3. It is strictly forbidden to bring glass and plastic bottles, cans, weapons and dangerous objects to the festival area. Objects of such character will be confiscated without any compensation.

4. It is strictly forbidden to enter enclosed and fenced off parts of the festival area, especially the fortress walls. It is strictly forbidden to enter the stage and backstage area. It is obligatory for the festivalgoers to follow organizers instructions as well as instructions of security staff, fire-fighting unit and medical service staff.

5. The festivalgoers are prohibited from starting fires or helping fires to spread. All open fire manipulation is also strictly prohibited including using of pyrotechnics in the festival area or camping ground.

6. Camping is allowed only in the reserved and designed places. The organizers don’t take any responsibility for things dis-carded at the camping site. The festivalgoer are welcome to use festival safety deposit boxes for their valuables.

7. Parking is possible in the neighboring roads and streets. Please respect the traffic signs.

8. Please use the toilets and designated spaces to meet your personal hygienic needs. It is strictly forbidden to enter the festival area with animals.

9. At the festival area it is prohibited to sale tobacco or alcohol to persons under 18 years of age.

10. Video-cameras are not allowed in the festival area unless permitted on a special press accreditation.

11. Throwing of cups full of liquid amongst other people is considered severe violation of the festival rules and the transgressor will be expelled from the festival grounds without any compensation.

12. Severe violation of festival rules will result in the offender’s expulsion from the festival without any compensation.

13. Festival visitors are obliged to behave in such a way that their action do not endanger the safety or health of third parties and/or their property, as well as facilities at the area of the event, and do not restrict or threaten other visitors.

14. We kindly ask all the attenders to follow the basic festival motto AGAINST VIOLENCE AND INTOLERANCE.