Trying our new chilli sauce for the first time is like experiencing a Blowtorch Slaughter. As soon as the heat kicks in, you're Condemned to Agony. You see, once you've started Unleashing the Bloodthirsty, there's no turning back. 

The punch of Naga Morich and Cayenne chilli peppers, the rich flavor of root vegetables, and the delicate scent of herbs make this sauce highly addictive. Soon, you'll be using it with every meal and you'll love it.

Get your bottle of Bloodthirst now. Limited quantities available.

Ingredients: cellery, carrot, onion, tomato sauce, water, hamabero and naga jolokia peppers, vinegar, salt, garlic, spices, preservative (potassium sorbate)

1 glass bottle, sealed, 180ml

Crafted by HazMat Foods lab

€ 8.00