Country: China

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ZURIAAKE, or 葬尸湖 in their own language, which roughly translated means “lake of buried corpses”, an image that accurately reflects both the extreme fury and also the beautifully dark melancholy that lies at the heart of ZURIAAKE‘s music.

Hailing from Jinan, the capital of the Shandong Province, the trio’s origins date back to 1998 already, during the first wave of Chinese black metal, and their debut full-length record, 弈秋 (Afterimage Of Autumn) already raised a lot of praise for those who discovered the band at the time. A distinctive, sublime mix of Chinese folk music and black metal, employing traditional instruments such as the guzheng, bamboo flute or the erhu and expertly merging them with guitar-led extremity, it creates a completely alien mood which nevertheless will still feel strangely welcoming and familiar.

For Westerners, a clumsy but still apt metaphor to describe it might be as if Wolves In The Throne Room were thrown in the middle of a fight scene from any Zhang Yimou epic.