Country: Czech Republic

We invited to Brutal the legend of Czech provocation, messengers of evil and the king of domestic hard electronics: VANESSA!
However, the Czech pioneers of the harsh branch of electronic music called EBM (electronic body music) play as a regular band (guitars and drums) and do not soften with increasing years, on the contrary, their new album "Ghost Army" is again raw, striking, squeaky, poisonous, both musically and textually - if we had the equivalent of Parental Advisory Explicit Content stickers, Vanessa's albums would be signed with them.
Our EBM cult has had its third record on its account since its rebirth, but without debate, in addition to the crazy projection, look forward to the songs from "Ave Agony" and "Antidotum", so you won't miss "Cop on speed" (Fízl na speedu), "Mirrors" (Zrcadla), "Hi, Die! (Ahoj, chípni!) ”or old classics like “Dig Out" (Prokopat se ven) or “Be Judas” (Buď Jidáš).
This uncompromising charge will reliably suck up all the present puritans and will delight lovers of hard electronics. Forget the love beyond the grave and a happy life in a cloudy country, Vanessa is evil!