First time at BA

Country: Denmark

Since 2008, Denmark’s UNDERGANG have been pursuing the deepest, darkest depths of total death metal. Steeped in the classics, the quartet aren’t so much “old school” like so many HM-2 worshippers nowadays as they are simply old-sounding, brazenly brandishing a sound that nods to early Finnish death metal, slimy doom-death as equally as timeless goregrind. It’s a sound that’s garnered the band a legion of devotees across the world, and justifiably so.
And while it’s been three interminably long years since their last album "Misantropologi", at long last do UNDERGANG arrive with their long-awaited fifth full-length "Aldrig i livet" graced with utterly crushing production and it's undoubtedly the band’s most ominous record to date.