Country: Denmark

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Hailing from the same Danish scene as Undergang and Phrenelith, TAPHOS create a classic - and classically gutted - style of Metal of Death. Their first recording, Demo MMXVI, possessed a darkly thrashing sound highly reminiscent of turn-of-the-'90s death metal on both sides of the Atlantic, as resolutely Scandinavian as it was American, its filthy propulsion as palatably fresh as it was authentically ancient. On the subsequent two-song EP, TAPHOS' sound becomes more world-eating, their songwriting aims more epic whilst not losing the raw fury of their beginnings. 

Now, with debut full lenght Come Ethereal Somberness, they shift into something hammering and hideous yet nevertheless invoke clarity that never castrates their attack. The quartet render each of these seven central compositions (bookended by moody instrumentals) a story unto itself.