Country: Finland

Finnish mood makers SWALLOW THE SUN have released their eighth album "Moonflowers" in November.
The sextet, who put their deepest emotions into their music, probably can't be expected to go for experiments on their new album. Its real strength lies in the way SWALLOW THE SUN weave their innermost and truly painful experiences into their recordings. (And tragic events have indeed affected the band, think of the loss of guitarist Markus' hearing, or the death of bandmate and life partner of main songwriter Juha Ravio.)
The sound mixing classic (funeral) doom with elements of melodic death and gothic metal is more than suitable for a similar expression, where the personal experience generates the emotion and then the musical motive. The result is unforgettably strong melodies with a dark atmosphere full of despair. It's no coincidence that the central theme of SWALLOW THE SUN is the graphic depiction of the complexity of human emotions and the revelation of the places where pain and beauty intersect.