Country: Denmark

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SLÆGT from Copenhagen, Denmark, is the sound and essence of four hearts and minds locking together and joining forces towards the unknown. The band has found their very own, unique style of playing heavy metal. Stylistically influences are drawn from a broad spectrum of such diverse movements as the NWOBHM, the black metal scene(s) of the 80’s and 90’s and everything in between and beyond. 

SLÆGT plays an epic blackened heavy metal but without any kind of limitation when approaching the style. They explore unseen territories and go beyond the obvious norms of heavy metal, which makes them sound fresh and progressive. The darkness within the riffs and lyrics flows with dark blasts of energy. 

One of the hottest label of the recent times Ván Records released their highly acclaimed debut full length Domus Mysterium and now the band is once again dimming lights and opening fire with the brand new full-length The Wheel. A challenging, yet soothing record that perfectly picks up the thread from the previous effort. Discover the beautiful and damned sons, from the house of mysteries, doing all they can to escape the boundaries of the wheel!