Country: United States

Pushing the death metal, thrash metal and progressive elements of their signature sound harder than ever, the last album "The Outer Ones" represents REVOCATION at their boldest, most aggressive and most complex"I knew that I wanted to go in a darker direction, and this is our most death metal album to date," states vocalist/guitarist Dave Davidson.
While the four members of Revocation - Davidson, guitarist Dan Gargiulio, bassist Brett Bamberger, and drummer Ash Pearson - are spread around North America without the convenience of being able to jam, this does not impinge on the creative process. If anything, this ensures that they make the most of the time spent together, and they maintained an even greater level of quality control than on "The Outer Ones" predecessors. "The songs came together pretty naturally, however, this album has the most revisions to riffs and song structures that we've ever had. All of those revisions definitely benefitted the final product."