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Country: Netherlands

PHLEBOTOMIZED is among the oldest death metal bands from Holland and one of the first to use violin and synthesizer in extreme metal. During their heydays the band gained a cult status in the underground scene.
PHLEBOTOMIZED were formed in 1989 and started out as a Grindcore/Death Metal band, inspired by acts like Morbid Angel, Nocturnus and Paradise Lost. Later on, in 1990 the band began to use keyboard and violin arrangements, resulting in their unique sound. Their first releases caused a shock in the scene and "Devoted to God" demo (1992) was recognized as a classic one. Debut ‘Immense Intense Suspense’ in 1994, which offered an intelligent blend of atmosphere and brutality, gained them worldwide esteem. The band played numerous shows but disbanded shortly after the release of their second full-length album "Skycontact" in 1997.
Then, after a hibernation of 16 years, Phlebotomized regrouped in 2013 upon the re-release of their classic albums, played several live-shows and started writing new songs. After some changes in line-up, their comeback album "Deformation of Humanity" was recorded in 2018 and Phlebotomized is now ready to unleash their reincarnated proggy avant-garde death metal.