Country: United States

The 80s have spawned death metal and one of its pioneers, who were the first to introduce keys and space themes into the genre. Mike Browning now resurrects the original NOCTURNUS vibe and continues the spirit of The Key in acclaimed album from 2019 Paradox. Witness NOCTURNUS AD seizing the throne!

On a musical plane, Paradox’s otherworldly, technical dark atmospheric occult death metal blueprint harnesses and carries on the energy of The Key and the overall cult death metal vibe of the early ‘90s in the singular forward-thinking way that Nocturnus exhibited. Musically overwhelming and pretty much a sonic attack on the senses from every angle, Paradox is sci-fi death metal reclaiming its throne back to its originators. With Browning (technically returning to Nocturnus lore since 1992) commanding the craft alongside a lineup (that also forms his other band, After Death) that continues the Nocturnus legacy through guitarists Demian Heftel and Belial Koblack, bassist Daniel Tucker (ex-Obituary), and keyboardist Josh Holdren. With the blazing and fervent guitar work of Heftel and Koblack and with the carefully orchestrated keyboard sounds being the most developed out of any Nocturnus-related release, this integral component helps solidify the calculated pummeling rhythm section in resurrecting the classic sound of The Key. And of course Browning’s distinct vocals spewing the incantations containing the classic Browning vocal traits as reflected on The Key and of course Morbid Angel’s classic Abominations Of Desolation, with Browning of course being the co-writer of some of those classic and signature Morbid Angel anthems of old.

Overall, Paradox will see NOCTURNUS AD reclaim and continue to properly carry the torch of the legacy Nocturnus’ laid down with The Key, Paradox being the ceremonial illuminating Nocturnus-related release that has finally befallen the mortal coil after 28 years.