Country: United Kingdom

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GODFLESH are highly regarded as one of the pioneers of industrial metal; they took industrial to the next level with their fuse of heavy guitars and mixing it with slow drum loops and effects. GODFLESH has influences ranging from initially Swans, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and industrial music very much like Killing Joke, Throbbing Gristle and even some folk from Leonard Cohen.

Their sound has been constantly evolving; at times, GODFLESH moved practically completely away from "metal" only to move back with the next release. All around, the "industrial" element always stuck with them. 

They've been known to inspire countless bands ranging from Fear Factory, Danzig, Ministry, KoRn, Faith No More, Nine Inch Nails, even the likes of the Beastie Boys... 

GODFLESH is also known to highly inspire the post hardcore/sludge genre with such bands like Isis and Pelican playing a style akin to them, just minus the industrial elements (though they are highly inspired by the sound layering and atmosphere GODFLESH created).

Justin Broadrick formed this group after walking out of Napalm Death and having stints in other bands. He formed the band with Ben "GC" Green, a partnership which is seen as being the definitive essence of GODFLESH.