First time at BA

Country: United States

Formed in 1987 in Los Angeles, thrash metal outfit EVILDEAD have always dealt with themes of politics and provocative social ideas, mixing in horror and nuclear war.
The band broke up in 1992, but returned to live performance in 2008, playing their first show in over 20 years at a small thrash festival in Los Angeles. They broke up again in October 2012.
EVILDEAD reformed for a second time in 2016 to celebrate drummer Rob Alanis' 50th birthday, and have been active ever since - playing more shows until three years later when they recorded a new album with producer Bill Metoyer, "United $Tate$ of Anarchy" (out late 2020), for which the cover art was drawn by Ed Repka, of course. The new collection of songs is a return to their thrash metal roots, so it's honest old school. But no one can accuse EVILDEAD of being trendy, these guys are thrash metal!