Country: Denmark

Danish black metal icons DENIAL OF GOD swear to the roots of the genre with their praise of Venom, Mercyful Fate, Bathory, Celtic Frost and others and belong among the well hidden gems of the underground despite their history of almost 30 years.

DENIAL OF GOD began in 1991 and is one of the longest existing Danish metal bands of all time. The band was formed by the brothers Ustumallagam (vocals) and Azter (guitar) who both still are a part of the band’s line-up today, 22 years later.
Inspired by a diverse number of artists such as Alice Cooper, Venom, Mercyful Fate, Mayhem, Death SS and Hellhammer (to name just a few) as well as horror movies, dark folklore and everything related to the occult and supernatural, it was apparent from day one that this band was going to be walking a sinister musical and lyrical path.
In 1992, the first raw demo “Oscularium Infame” was recorded and released, followed by the first two shows, the second of which already took place outside of Denmark. From the very beginning, Denial of God adopted a very black mass-like atmosphere with black candles for their stage shows, even including the use of raw meat and live maggots. To add to the villainous air of their performance, the musicians covered themselves in mysterious and horrifying make-up. This ghoulish take on performances was something very different from the standard at the time.
In 1993, a second demo tape entitled “The Dawn of Aemizaez” was recorded and released. The band’s name started to spread like hellfire in the underground and in 1995 the 7” EP “The Statues Are Watching” was released.
In 1996, the mini-album “The Ghouls Of DOG” was released and saw the band venturing further into the horror genre and adopting a more original and ghoulish image. In the following years, shows were performed in Denmark and several countries outside Denmark, but live shows would remain rare for the coming years due to the constant changes of the band’s line-up.
In 1999, another mini-album was released in the form of “Klabautermanden”. The title track remains a fan favourite despite being the only one sung in Danish language.
More line-up changes followed but in 2005, another magic piece was added to the complex puzzle that is Denial Of God: Drummer Galheim joined. He took everything the band had ever composed and raised it to new levels. Since then, the line-up has remained completely stable and the trio performs all live shows with two additional live musicians, playing guitar and bass respectively.
The first full album, “The Horrors of Satan”, was released in 2006. It cemented the band’s reputation as both strong song writers and an intense live band on the many single shows and tours that followed in many countries all across Europe and Australia as well.
In 2009, more new material was recorded and released as several EPs, again taking the band’s style one step further without losing its unique style and sound.
After several more shows across Europe, 2012 saw the release of the long-awaited second album, entitled “Death and the Beyond”: a 1+ hour long album completely dedicated to the concept of Death and the afterlife. This album showed the band at their most sinister and epic, yet and has been hailed as the band’s strongest effort yet.
With the first excessive shows in 2013 already behind them, the ghouls are now preparing for more live shows in 2013 as well as currently composing new material for the next releases!
With the band now going for 22 years, never having split up, not even momentarily, and following their own iron-will-led course with no regard for current trends, a nowadays otherwise almost non-existent credibility in the metal scene can be ascribed to this ghoulish entity…