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When Black Sabbath was still performing blues covers in bars Jinx Dawson was turning heads with her groundbreaking band COVEN. Long before pentagrams and upside down crosses became standard on metal records Dawson shocked labels and critics with her unabashed embrace of the occult. COVEN’s first legendary record Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls – pulled from shelves right around the time of the Manson murders – is now regarded as a classic, and the sound and look were the boilerplate for the vast majority of the occult rock bands that started a few years into the new millennium. Dawson’s career with COVEN continued intermittently through the decades. She also worked in Hollywood and as a backup singer. But COVEN was always her passion and embodied much of how she viewed the world. Dawson has assembled a new COVEN lineup that will make their long anticipated live debut at Brutal Assault this week. Occult rock standard bearers return to life with ethos of spiritual rebellion in a dogmatic age.