Country: Belgium

It is shaping up to be a dark, sonically immersive mass, but also an uplifting experience. The legendary AMENRA turns the fortress into a shrine of pain!

A real roar should hurt. Since it is already the ultimate expression of a torn heart, it does not only tear the throat, it should permeate the whole body. And thus relieve and heal it. Where there is pain, there is relief. And Belgium's AMENRA have found this in the relentless and absorbing sound that accompanies their ecstatic concerts.
Like a falling avalanche, the robust sound, in whose all-encompassing intensity one can lose oneself, can in fact literally separate the listener from the body and help them achieve spiritual cleansing. This is also why every AMENRA record/mass up to now, enriched always with a Roman numeral, has always been called "Mass", and why in 2005 they founded Church of Ra, a collective of several collaborating artists.
But AMENRA has evolved and started a new phase. It has left its comfort zone and this time no longer listens to the traditional Mass, but builds a world of wounded souls protected by pain-inducing thorns on the new album "De Doorn". And therein lies cleansing and salvation.

Coming to like AMENRA, however, may not always be easy, even though the legends of sludgy slow dark music (doom metal, post-metal/hardcore and sludge) actually repeatedly attack with proven weapons, while constantly refining their recipe of effective hypno-minimalism. Novelty through greater melodicism, recitative, a decrease in ethereality and an emphasis on urgency. And the scream is perhaps even more insane than before.
In listening to AMENRO it is not essential to have listened to it. Their massive sound, in which they work with contrasts of calm, quiet passages with clean singing and violent, roaring onsets accompanied by a gut-wrenching roar, will have you grinding your feet and cooing with suggestive projection in concert. In urgency and direct hitting the listener, the Belgians don't mince words and still are maximally effective, because when the Belgians rake the strings, it has power. However, the inner state of mind and, of course, the power of the sound - the volume - is also important. If you meet at the right moment, there's no turning back...