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With great pleasure we can announce that TORMENTOR will return from the dead after 20 years of silence to play BA 2018! Formed in Budapest in 1985, TORMENTOR is the one the best kept secrets in black metal. Possibly not that many fans of the 2nd wave of black metal bands (especially from Norway) can appreciate the immense influnce that TORMENTOR had on their output. The iconic debut album, Anno Domini together with the Seventh Day of Doom demo are some of the most influential releases in black metal with profound impact on acts like Mayhem, Dissection, Nifelheim, Immortal, Darkthrone or Emperor. Even though Anno Domini was recorded in 1988, due to problems caused by the communist regime, it took many years to formally release it. The influence had to be spread via undergroud tape trading which kept TORMENTOR under the radar for some, however nowadays the musical legacy of TORMENTOR can firmly be placed amongst other pioneering acts such as Bathory, Sarcofago or Celtic Frost. After TORMENTOR's early demise in 1991 the band's charismatic singer Attila was invited to join Mayhem to record his innovative vocal lines for the timeless classic De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas and kept busy with the band whilst also pursuing numerous other artistic projects, while the guitarist Tamás Buday is active with Swedish masters of black thrash Nifelheim. That means you don't have to be worried about rusty skills as the bands will be appearing in the classic line-up.

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