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ROTTEN SOUND are currently writing for their follow-up to Cycles but will first see an EP release early next year. The EP, Napalm, is scheduled for a March release via Relapse. Additional details on this release will be announced soon. Fontana International/Spinefarm Records US will release “Cycles" in the USA on August 26th 2008. The album consists of 18 uncompromising and aggressive tracks. “Cycles” was produced by Rotten Sound together with Janne Saksa from Sound Supreme Studios, and Pelle Henricsson from Tonteknik Studios. The cover art(Thomas Boutet, Mush-design) illustrates how man is decomposing through its own stupidity. Rotten Sound was formed in 1993. The band evolved its sound and content through the early years, and they consider “Murderworks” (2002) as their first album. Rotten Sound started touring in Europe and the USA after “Murderworks” also releasing their first DVD, “Murderlive” in 2004. The “Exit” album was released in 2005, and was the first release from Rotten Sound to chart in Finland. The “Consume to Contaminate”-Mini-CD was released in 2006, also charting in Finland. "Cycles" also debuted on the Finnish charts at 12. Rotten Sound has been promoting Cycles in Europe with numerous festival shows and a headliner tour with Victims, The Ocean and Trap Them. Now the band is heading to US and Canade to support Carcass and is planning also other visits to the new continent.

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