Master's Hammer

Master's Hammer


Czech republic

black metal

The impossible became reality and 25 years after their last show, the legendary MASTER'S HAMMER will do an exlusive summer festival show at Brutal Assault 2017! The band will do a set based on the early 90's songs for the old fans and those, who were not even born at the time alike.. Master’s Hammer have been one of the true worldwide pioneers of second wave black metal in the late 80’s and they left a significant mark on the scene. Upon their conception they pursued one goal and one goal only: to make as much noise as possible and spit into face of humankind. And while reading Baudelaire, Josef Váchal, Schopenhauer and Klíma, they wanted to do that in the form of the most hideous music genre available. Back then it was Scandinavian black metal in the vein of Bathory. The cult of revulsion pursued by the band was mirrored in gloomy lyrics as well as in the reek of the cracked drainage in the band’s late rehearsal room, which was located in dark cellar and furnished by moldy egg cardboard boxes. By 1990 Master’s Hammer have recorded 4 demo tapes full of otherworldly threats to the whole universe. These were circulating around the globe thanks to DYI promotion network based on local and foreign contacts and tape trade was vivid with other pioneers of the genre like Burzum, Mayhem, Rotting Christ or Darkthrone and many others, leading to influencing the whole concept of black metal as co-defined by many of today’s classic acts. The 1991 saw the release of the cult debut album Rituál, followed by signing on Osmose productions for their second full length, an album turned to be no less legendary and again an instant classic. The Jilemnice occultist is a black metal operetta based on occult traditions of delirious clochards vandering Czech mountainsides. This was nor the first or the last time when Master’s Hammer were ahead of their time. While this concept has later materialized, it was not before the band was put on almost 15 year hiatus period when members pursued different life goals. And while the 2009 saw the successful return of Master’s Hammer as a studio project with each member working in their own studio, spawning already 4 albums ever since, something felt not right without stage presence. And hence almost 30 years since the bands initial conception and 25 years after their last gig, Master’s Hammer, the pioneers of occult and ritualistic elements in black metal are rising from the dead to showcase live their unique ideas and atmosphere that were shaping black metal in the late 80’s and early 90’s. To make this affair even more noteworthy other fallen veterans of the era were brought to the line-up, namely Blackosh of Root and Vlasta Henych of Törr, completing the unholy triumvirate of the original Czech black metal.

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