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SUICIDAL TENDENCIES are playing on Tuesday Aug 7 as a headliner of warm-up party! SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, created in 1981 by vocalist Mike Muir, are one of the few Hardcore acts to break out onto the world circuit. Muir and his cohorts often appeared in photographs in the distinctive Los Angeles gang culture dress style of eyes hidden behind bandannas and check shirts held by the neck button. Later this image would develop through the skateboard culture fuelled by songs such as 'Possessed To Skate'. Amongst the underground hardcore circles the self titled debut was recognized as a classic but as the band grew more conventional rock sensibilities would come to the fore. The band signed to major label Virgin in 1986 as MTV support for the video to 'Institutionalized' raised the band's profile considerably pulling them clear of their indie hardcore roots and breaking the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. The successful 'Join The Army' album saw the departure of Estes and Smith as the band debuted guitarist Rocky George and drummer R.J. Herrera. Bassist Louiche Mayorga joined his erstwhile band mates Estes and Smith to form UNCLE SLAM, debuting the new act with the 'Say Uncle' album on Caroline Records during 1988. The Mark Dodson produced 'How Will I Laugh...' saw the band being enlarged with the addition of ex-NO MERCY rhythm guitarist Mike Clark and bassist Bob Heathcote. However, just as SUICIDAL TENDENCIES were seemingly in ascendancy into the big league their controversial name made them ripe targets for the moral majority. California's police department, fearing Muir's crew was merely a front for a Los Angeles gang, even went so far as to ban the band performing in their hometown. The notorious moral campaigner Tipper Gore led pressure group P.M.R.C. kept up a campaign against the band claiming that a number of teenage suicides were directly attributable to the band. SUICIDAL TENDENCIES brought in bassist Rob Trujillo for 'Lights, Camera... Revolution'. The album track 'Send Me Your Money', a forthright attack on American television evangelists proved a huge hit with the fans and quickly became a staple of live shows. Both Muir and Trujillo captured more than their fair share of the limelight at this juncture creating side project act INFECTIOUS GROOVES together with erstwhile JANE'S ADDICTION drummer Stephan Perkins. This side project band that would go on to release two well received albums and test the duo's stamina as INFECTIOUS GROOVES often opened the show for SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. Perhaps wishing to amend previous mistakes the band's next album ' 'Still Cyco After All These Years' was actually a complete re-recording of their debut. For the 'Art Of Rebellion' album, what was to be SUICIDAL TENDENCIES highest selling record reaching number 52 in the Billboard charts noted producer Peter Collins was utilized. The band once more announced a new recruit in VANDALS drummer Josh Freece who incidentally took over the drums tool in INFECTIOUS GROOVES too. 'Suicidal For Life' had SUICIDAL TENDENCIES recording without a permanent drummer. Freese joined the limbo bound GUNS N' ROSES then PEARL JAM and A PERFECT CIRCLE. WHITE LION and Y&T man Jimmy DeGrasso deputized for the album sessions before he joined up full time with MEGADETH. SUICIDAL TENDENCIES folded after this release. Rocky George created SAMSARA with CRO MAGS members Harley Flanagan and Parris Mayhew. Trujillo found himself part of the OZZY OSBOURNE band having an interim stint with PALE DEMON. Muir would assemble a studio band, including SEX PISTOLS guitarist STEVE JONES for recording of a 1995 solo CYCO MYKO album 'Lost My Brains (Once Again!)'. SLAYER covered 'Memories Of Tomorrow' for inclusion on their 'Undisputed Attitude' covers album. However, the track only made it onto the Japanese pressing. The band, Muir bringing in guitarist Dean Pleasants, bass player Josh Paul and drummer Brooks Wackerman, returned in 1998 touting a six track EP Mike Vail Blum and Paul Northfield produced 'Six The Hard Way'. The resurrected outfit then signed to Germany's Nuclear Blast label for the 'Freedumb' album after which Wackerman opted out, being substituted by Hot Potty. However, in mid 2001 Wackerman returned to the ranks back from his touring stint filling in with A PERFECT CIRCLE. Drummer Josh Freese would be next in line to re-enlist. Paul and Wackerman (who had just joined Bad Religion) had left Suicidal Tendencies by 2002, while the band was on a temporary hiatus, and were replaced by brothers Steve and Ron Bruner on bass and drums, respectively. The band toured during 2003, but were forced take another hiatus in 2004 due to Mike Muir requiring surgery for a back injury. While the band failed to release an album with material, independently or otherwise, Suicidal Tendencies have continued to tour consistently since 2005. On October 29 of that year their live performance at the Grand Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles was filmed. Suicidal Tendencies secured a spot in the metal/punk-rock Soundwave Festival in Australia in February and March 2007, taking in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. They performed at the Artefact Festival in France on April 29, 2007, and performed in Istanbul, Turkey on May 29. They also headlined the Tuborg Stage at the Download Festival, held at Donington Park, UK on Friday June 8, 2007, and closed select shows for the Sounds of the Underground tour in San Jose, California on August 3, Irvine, California on August 4, and Mesa, Arizona on August 5. On August 1, 2008, Suicidal Tendencies headlined the Porão do Rock Festival in Brasília in front of 15,000 people. By this stage Eric Moore had replaced Dave Hidalgo on drums. During the fall of 2008, the band toured with Whole Wheat Bread, Madball, Terror, and Death by Stereo, opening select dates. During this tour Year of the Cycos – a compilation album featuring Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, Cyco Miko and No Mercy – was available for the first time for purchase exclusively at the concerts or from their official website. From the album, the original track "Come Alive" was released as a video clip, and is still their latest video clip to date. The band replaced As I Lay Dying on the first five shows of the No Fear Energy Music Tour with Lamb of God. Suicidal Tendencies toured Europe from June through July 2009. The first-ever Suicidal Tendencies DVD Live at the Olympic Auditorium, featuring the full show recorded in Los Angeles back in 2005, was finally released on January 26, 2010 by Fontana Distribution via the band's own imprint, Suicidal Records. On the same day, a best of compilation was released as part of the Playlist music album series issued by Sony BMG. In September 2010, Suicidal Tendencies released the album No Mercy Fool!/The Suicidal Family which consists of re-recordings of tracks from the Join the Army album and of old No Mercy songs, plus the previously-released "Come Alive". In support of the album the band toured the US in October and November, including performing at Tucson AZ radio station's Fall Ball 2010 on October 24 at Pima County Fairgrounds. The band has recently been confirmed to perform at Wacken Open Air 2011, the 22nd edition of the annual German festival.

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