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Green Carnation



progressive metal

As with its namesake blossoms first appearance, peering from beneath the permafrost of Norways winter, each successive Green Carnation album is a welcome sight in the dreary sameness of todays metal scene. Begun in 1990, it took the Kristiansand based death metallers a year before issuing the Hallucinations Of Despair demo. When guitarist Tchort (Terje Vik Schei) was offered a position within the ranks of the world renowned EMPEROR (as bassist, no less!), it seemed Green Carnation had suffered a premature death. From 92 to 98, Tchort busied himself with various bands, all amongst the hierarchy of black metal. In addition to Emperor, he contributed to the likes of Satyricon, Einherjer and Carpathian Forest (a post hes retained, to the current day). Meanwhile, the others formed In The Woods, ultimately recording three full albums and a variety of shorter pieces. In 98, the Tchort re-discovered his love of Green Carnation and reunited with original members Chris Botteri (guitar) and his brother, Christopher Botteri (bass). With the help of several guest vocalists, they recorded the Journey To The End Of Night debut. A concept album, sub-divided into 20-minute sections, it was inspired by the loss of Tchorts daughter. Then a new, six piece format, set about recording one of the most ambitious (and critically praised) projects of all time, Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness, this time inspired by the birth of Tchorts son. The hour-long platter is comprised solely of the title track. "You didnt see that one on Kaaza," laughs its creator. A massive undertaking, recorded on 150 tracks, employs thirty musicians (including a childrens choir), and more than 600 distinct samples, many reviewers were at a loss to pin down precisely what they heard, but there was no denying the brilliance within the sounds, declaring Green Carnation amongst the most innovative acts in metals history. Almost two decades later, Green Carnation still keep this position.

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