New bunch of bands published 9 years, 6 months ago

Still having not enough bands? Right, here we go with some more confirmed ones! Grinders Jig Ai from Czech and Attack of Rage from Slovakia, tech newcomers Mindwork , the wards from the Harmony Bay madhouse, French Zubrowska and last but not least confirmed band for today is noone less than Czech thrash legend Debustrol .

Sadist just confirmed! published 9 years, 6 months ago

All who love technical and progressive death metal should be pleased by the following news: Italian SADIST have just confirmed their appearance at this year's Brutal Assault!

New band on the bill! published 9 years, 7 months ago

We're happy to announce that UK's ANATHEMA has been added on this year's bill!

New bands on the bill published 9 years, 7 months ago

New bands confirmed on this year's bill! You can add Finnish FINNTROLL , electro-metal SAMAEL , blasting UPRISE or PSYCHOTIC DESPAIR . Italian HOUR OF PENANCE will bring some new blood to the coroded death metal veins, the atmosphere will be calmed down by US A STORM OF LIGHT and the last nail to the casket will be ESOTERIC . A little of maths will be delivered by Swiss KRUGER . A modern kind of metal will be brought from France - ETHS and their sharp female frontman. New albums will be presented by Czech bands ADOR DORATH , MALIGNANT TUMOUR and TISÍC LET OD RÁJE . A stream roller or a locomotive? In case of the band LOCOMOTIVE it really doesn't matter. More bands still to be announced soon.

New website! published 9 years, 7 months ago

Dear metalheads,

as you may have noticed, we have just started a new Brutal Assault website. Not everything is working at this moment but we are working hard to have all the sections working properly within a few days. Stay tuned!

Vedd meg jegyed elővételben most! published 14 years ago

Tekintettel az idei Brutal Assault iránti hatalmas érdeklődésre, mindenkinek azt javasoljuk, hogy biztosítsa be magát és vegye meg jegyét elővételben. A belépő július végéig, vagyis MÁR CSAK 2 NAPIG! továbbra is 1550,-CZK (+kezelési költség) kedvezményes áron vehető meg PayPal-en keresztül.

Továbbra is van lehetőség arra, hogy jegyedet egy kisebb költség előre történő utalásával lefoglald PayPal-en keresztül, és a fennmaradó összeget a helyszínen, érkezéskor egyenlítsd ki készpénzben, vagy pedig vedd meg jegyed most .

Bővebb informáűcióért lásd a "Jegyek" menüpontban.

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