Hereinafter you can check out the schedule of our MEET & GREET zone and our AMBIENT LODGE – stage known as THE KEEP. For those interested we've just updated the eshop with FESTIVAL → PRAGUE shuttle buses. There are two buses departuring from Josefov (near VIP camp 2) with stops at main railway station and the airport. There are three more buses departuring from our festival hotels in Hradec Kralove (Academic, Alessandria, Černigov) with the same stops at main railway station and the airport. Seats will be available for sale on spot only if there are any spaces left from the presale!

Master's Hammer live teaser published 8 months, 3 weeks ago

To tease you a bit, Master's Hammer are the jewel of our Wednesday programme… Their official premiere at Brutal Assaultu is not to be missed! Here you can enjoy Jáma pekel with Nergal of BEHEMOTH! as teaser for their full show!

WARNING, SOLD OUT STATUS IS QUICKLY APPROACHING! published 8 months, 3 weeks ago

We need to thank all of you for your favour and especially to those who already got their tickets but we need to warn the remaining part that if the sales go the same way the'yre going now the fest will be completely SOLD OUT in advance - leaving no tickets for the box office, so beware! Therefore do not hesitate with your ticket purchase, it's buy now or cry later!


We have two last minute additions to our lineup with inclusion of MÖRKHIMMEL – a raw metallic crust with former members of Mass Genocide Process or Thema Eleven and NATURAL BORN FUCKERS playing classic hardcore.

Our eshop has been updated with a new attractive secured parking lot (Parking #3) including a possibility to park your caravans but pay very close attention to the very strict conditions of using it. The lot is next to the main festival entrance. It will be opened and guarded between Wednesday from 06:00 AM untill Sunday 08:00 AM. The arrival and drive in will be ONLY possible on Wednesday Aug 09, 2017 between 06:00 AM till 11:00 AM. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES it is possible to park the car later. Leaving the parking is possible EARLIEST on Sunday Aug 13, 2017 at 04:00 (and anytime later). IMPORTANT: you cannot LEAVE AND RETURN WITH YOUR CAR during the festival UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES.

For those of you who haven't managed to get a secured parking or do not plan to use one we have an alternative supplementing free parking in town, the municipality reserved the grassy field marked on the map for your free parking. 

Last part of this news is concerning our design festival tickets, for those who bought other types of tickets (like print@home tickets) we will offer a possibility to get these beautiful design pieces in both official merch stands for a 20CZK fee (less than 1€).

WARM-UP SHOW ON RED BULL TOUR BUS ON TUESDAY 8TH published 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Great news for those impatient who plan to party in Josefov since Tuesday 8th August! Stoked to announce that the official warm-up party on Red Bull Tour Bus is coming! You can expect thrash’n’roll maniacs HENTAI CORPORATION, hardcore metal veterans LOCOMOTIVE, thrashing punks ČAD, and grindcore machine HUMAN HUMUS playing in this particular order from 6PM till 10.30PM. See you at the check-in tents at the festival main gate. The show is for FREE for everyone!


We’ve now launched CASHLESS section on our website. You will find all necessary info in regard of the cashless system used at BA in this section and we strongly recommend you to go through the FAQ document found at the bottom of the page. This document will clarify everything you would need to know. Also you can now set up your cashless account and start loading money in it, so you can avoid all potential queues to charge your wristbands on site. For more continue to

Beware, your cashless accounts from last year were deactivated and you need to set up a completely new account for BA 2017!

Importatnt notice is concerning users of FULFILLMENT service. If you ordered this service, you cannot register your ticket, you need to wait for your wristband to arrive and register your wristband. Wristbands are shipped today and everyone should get theirs during the first week of August (you’ll get further instructions via email). The only changes for other visitors are abolition of the virtual tokens (prices are now in Czech Crowns - CZK) and abolition of the actiovation fee from last year. We also have to issue one warning notice regarding re-selling e-tickets, at this point some tickets will be invalidated while being swapped for the FULFILLMENT wristbands, so we strongly recommend you not to buy tickets from anywhere else than our eshop.

Regarding box office tickets, the price was set to 2350 CZK (94 EUR), however these will be available only if there are any tickets left after the presale is over. Since the presales have already breached 92% of our capacity, we need to repeat that there won’t be any single day tickets available. Also concertning ticket sales, the FULFILLMENT service will invalidate all tickets swapped for wristbands so beware of second hand tickets, we cannot guarantee validity of tickets bough anywhere else than in our eshop and from our official distributors! Concering sales, services like hotels, VIP camping or secured parking are already hopelessly sold out but do not worry, there is always the free campsite and free parking in town available.


We are excited we were able to get first class replacement of the dropped out MORBID ANGEL with their Earache gold era labelmates CARCASS! We always try to find the best possible replacement, because lineup is number one priority. Another big news is concerning the schedule, few changes were applied to the stage times, so please CHECK THE RUNNING ORDER OUT! Sadly we now also need to find a proper replacement for WALLS OF JERICHO. We will do our best to find act that will match for WOJ stage intensity.

THE KEEP - AMBIENT LODGE published 9 months ago

Our noise ambient scene: THE KEEP - AMBIENT LODGE will host 11 live performaces + several DJ's. Among the artists will be:

Arrm (POL), Yhdarl (BEL), Troum (GER), In Slaughter Natives (SWE), Haiku Funeral (FRA),  Gnaw Their Tongues (HOL), Human Larvae (GER), Treha Sektori (FRA), Femeheim (GER), Aghiatrias (CZE), Hluková Sekce (CZ/SK) and more..


We now bring you our running order, we’ve just made it available in the SCHEDULE section on our web. Now to line-up changes, unfortunately we were forced to seek replacement for AEON but we quickly found very appropriate one in HOUR OF PENANCE. The same applies for PROTECTOR who will be replaced by ARTILLERY, making their BA debut in their 35 years long history. We can also announce that PROTECTOR will make their BA appearance next year. To our utter disappointment MORBID ANGEL cancelled the whole European tour due to passport issues. We’re doing our best to find a proper replacement but given the short notice the options are limited. Last band to leave our roster on last minute are SOEN, on the other hand our last minute acquisition are UADA from Portland.

Last but not least, good news for those of you, who plan to party in Josefov since Tuesday 8th August, we will hold an official warm up party on a Red Bull Tour Bus close to the check-in tents at the festival main gate. Live bands will be on from 6PM till 11PM and the line-up is HENTAI CORPORATION, LOCOMOTIVE, ČAD, MORKHIMMEL, HUMAN HUMUS in this particular order.

Brutal Assault 22 - trailer published 9 months, 1 week ago

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