THE LAST UNDERGROUND LINE-UP UPDATE! published 3 months, 3 weeks ago


First off let’s start with bands that cannot make it to BA this year for various reasons, among these are DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA, IHSAHN, SAINT VITUS, NOVEMBERS DOOM and GRAVEYARD.

This update kicks off with relentless Swedish death/thrash DIABOLICAL and a household name of alternative hardcore with rap influences DOG EAT DOG! British doom masters ESOTERIC are spawn of the post-industrial decay in Birmingham and the aural mayhem they bring forth is a gloomy way of looking at things that the classic Polish metal hardcore FRONTSIDE also deal with but in their own style bending way. Italian bulldozing goregrind GUINEAPIG are considerably lighter in their selection of topics. On the list will also be Dutch grindcore heavyweights INHUME that could make Czech Republic their second home, great progressive death from the miniscule Principality of Andorra PERSEFONE and absolute legends of Brazilian crossover RATOS DE PORÃO!

Our update further continues with the finest selection of what the local underground has to offer: flesh cutting death mongers ANIME TORMENT and CUTTERED FLESH, dark shoegaze DÆRRWIN, classic symphonic death DEPRESY, forefathers of local US-styled death metal scene GODLESS TRUTH, industrial black GORGONEA PRIMA, wild provocateurs HENTAI CORPORATION, melodic death INNERSPHERE, deathgriding hardcore POPPY SEED GRINDER, unique alternatives PRVNÍ HOŘE, emo hardcore RAVELIN 7, Slovak folkish black RAMCHAT and the originators of ethno-doom SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY.

CONTEST: AND THE WINNER IS.... published 3 months, 1 week ago

Thanks to all for taking part in our facebook frame contest! And we have a winner! Congratulations!

Get your bandanas ready! Warm-up party first info! published 3 months ago

Are you possessed to skate? This year´s Tuesday warm-up party (at the very same place like last year) will be headlined with truly legendary SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, a skateboard anthem factory with monstrous bass lines and one extraordinary drummer. Those who asked us, here comes the first basic info:

Warm-up will be FREE to all visitors with this year´s bracelet. If you want to get inside, fulfillment is highly recommended!



We still have few more bands to spice the whole thing up. So here comes the very last update. Canadian hardcore machine COMEBACK KID will shake fortress walls with unstoppable energy of sharp guitars and one-of-a-kind vocals of Andrew Neufeld. One of the top hardcore bands nowadays will drag you into the pit after seven long years.

Regarding comebacks, we are more than excited to welcome back TOXIC HOLOCAUST, a band you can always count on if you want some classic straightforward no-bulshit 80s thrash metal. Do not hesitate and apply for master's degree in headbanging since Joel Grind's squad will give you a truly old school lesson!

On the other hand, Australian ESKHATON would please everybody who admire chaotically brutal and nihilistic death metal in vein of Portal. If you expect traditional structures and hooks and obvious riffs, then you should move along. Eskhaton are all about violence, chaos, intensity and bestial wrath.

Among all those recorded-in-a-cave bands, there are only few winners and Chilean black/death metallers ORACULUM are definitely one of them. Their blasphemous craft worships relentless barbarity of all those proto black and death metal classics and brings you back to era when metal was purely underground.

ELECTRIC WIZARD (LIVE) 2017 published 2 months, 3 weeks ago

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